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Reverse Osmosis Process
5-stage standard RO
4-stage Quick-Change RO
4-stage QC-RO with booster pump
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RO System Specifications

Price levels, post sale support, warranty, policy
  • Selection of best makes/models delivering lasting value
  • Factory direct delivery, industry-best customer service, bar none
  • Professional, courteous and free maintenance consultations for the life of the unit
  • Our prices may not be the lowest on the net, but your peace of mind is priceless
  • Prosperity Management, Inc. is not responsibile for on-site installation, operation, maintenance, water leaks, stoppages or damages thereof, review disclaimer
"I was frankly surprised when you called back Saturday evening, helped diagnose our problem right then.
We got our filtered water back by mid-week with replacements. You guys are super. Keep up the good work!"         George Hennish,   Fredericksburg, VA,   July 26, 2002

Reverse Osmosis Process - What does it achieve?

Reverse osmosis is a process in which the incoming (dirty) water is forced through a multi-layered cellophane-like RO membrane under elevated pressure. The hole size in an RO membrane is less than 0.0001 microns (1 Angstrohms).

Water (H2O) happens to be nature's smallest liquid molecule at room temperature and it passes through the minutest holes in the membrane, likewise oxygen (O2) which is equally small. While distilled water lacks oxygen, RO water is alive with O2, hence is suitable for aquarium use. All other larger elements and molecules are stopped. The dirty water left behind is drained off at a constant rate set by a waste flow control www.ce, such that it does not get excessively dirty.

Two types of RO membranes - Thin Film Composite (TFC) and Chlorine Tolerant Acetate (CTA). TFC membrane lasts longer than CTA but cannot take chlorine. If source water is chlorinated, TFC follows a carbon pre-filter which removes chlorine.

Reference on reverse osmosis filter - from HowStuffWorks

Reverse Osmosis (RO) removes substantial amounts of most foreign substance in water other than oxygen. Mechanical filters and activated carbon filters almost always accompany RO membrane. First, the mechanical filter (1) removes dirt, sediment, rusts, and such that would otherwise clog the membrane. The RO (2) filter is next. Pressurized water storage container (3) holds RO water. Activated carbon filter (4) further reduces foreign matters that pass though the membrane. Separate water tap (5) dispenses the processed water. Reverse Osmosis uses large amounts of water. Typically, about 75% or more gets discarded together with the contaminants.

Source water quality requirements - not that strict for drinking water RO filter

  • Water temp: 85F max
  • TDS: 2,000 ppm max
  • Iron tolerance: 0.5 ppm max
  • Hydrogen sulfide: must be removed
  • Silica tolerance: less than 125 ppm, antiscalant should be considered for over 75 ppm
  • Turbidity: must be removed
  • Hardness: over 10 gpg should be softened
  • pH range: 3-11
Water quality outside the above range will shorten the natural life of a membrane, large and small. Hence, source water is pretreated for large production RO systems where membranes are expensive and numerous. In contrast, it is seldom necessary to pretreat in smaller drinking/cooking RO models listed below with a production rate of, say, 100 GPD or less. The reason is that waste water is drained at 2-4 times the volume of RO water so that the membrane chamber is kept relatively clean. This kind of water wastage is not practical in large GPD RO systems.

GPD (gallons per day) rating of a membrane is defined at 77 degrees Fahrenheit, 25 degrees Celcius, and at 60 psi differencial pressure between the source and permeate water. At lower source water temperatures, however, RO production decreases and the GPD rating has to be divided by a "derating factor" of 1.19 at 68F (20C), by 1.47 at 59F (15C), by 1.89 at 50F (10C), by 2.58 at 41F (5C). Pressure effect is less noticeable down to 45 psi or so, but production will drop precipitously below 40 psi. You need a booster pump then.       Top  

Which impurities does an RO system reduce?

  • Sediment filter vastly reduces dirt, sand, rust particles and other sediments
  • Activated carbon is for aesthetic chlorine, odor and taste, nice compact reference: Home Water Purifiers & Filters
  • Reduction ratio table shows the percentage of the water borne substances reduced by a typical RO process

  • Under the sink RO system is equipped with auomatic shut-off valve. It senses when RO water storage tank is full, and shuts off the RO process. Water therefore is not wasted.

    How to test the purity of water? - pocket TDS monitor

  • TDS (totally dissolved solids) is a major indicator of water purity
  • Some are positively charged ions: Fe++, Cu++, Pb++, Ca++, Na+, Mg++, Ra++, Ba++
  • Some are negatively charged ions: OH-, CO3-, Cl-, HCO3-, SO4--, HSiO3-
  • TDS monitor measures electrical conductivity due to all these current carrying ions
  • Higher the TDS reading in parts per million, dirtier the water
  • Change the RO membrane when the TDS value is high, say 200 or more
  • Why you may want to buy from us?  -  we save you from king size headaches and hassles

  • Hundreds of companies selling RO systems, from expensive to cheap, name brands to no-names
  • If not maintained regularly and properly, an RO unit quickly turns into a useless piece of junk
  • Almost every week we are rescuing orphaned owners and equipment abandoned by the original sellers
  • Free post sale support at installation, operation and maintenance will help keep the water tasting as day one
  • List only the makes/models delivering lasting value, price may not be the lowest but you get peace of mind
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    Under-the-Sink RO Systems - pure, delicious and safe water gushes out 24/7
    Are you designing a new kitchen? Or remodeling the old one? One of these is a must feature!

    Who needs it and why?
  • Any home owner under the sun, especially those who now buy bottled water
  • Getting RO water is as easy as opening the carton and doing simple plumbing
  • Clean, delicious and economical drinking/cooking water 24 hours right in your kitchen, also feeds water chiller and icemaker
  • Costs less than bottled water in a year or two, gets progressively less since you only replace apent cartridges

  • When you buy from us
  • Maximum cost saving since individually tested unit comes to you factory direct
  • Free post-sale installation/maintenance support with diagrams, written instructions and live on-site phone assistance
  • Free, cordial and professional maintenance reminders for the life of the unit
  • Resist buying the cheapest on the net, it won't last, you generally get what you pay for

  • 5 stage filtration under the counter with 3.2 gallon tank

  • Works with chlorinated city water or individual well water
  • No electricity needed if source water has 40 psi or more, if less, add booster pump
  • Don't walk away, filtered water gushes out of the faucet, we use 3/8" tubing (not 1/4") in the delivery path
  • Standard 3.2 gallon tank is 11" diam, 14" high, and RO unit is 14" w, 7" d, 16" h for both models below
  • You can install if you are handy, plumber in about 3 hours, we provide diagrams/live phone assistance
  • FSHS Champion5 RO

    Champion 5 from FSHS
  • Our FY'12 sales broke all our records since 1984, this is a thank you
  • Special sale price $399 for 50 GPD unit, plus freight
  • Best quality water, to maintain replace the sediment every six months, pre- and post-carbons every year, and the membrane should last 2-5 years
  • Industry standard design, replacement parts available from a dozen different manufacturers
  • Available options - please call us toll free 888-928-3794 within US, 978-456-8372 from outside US
  • Amtrol 14 gal tank (in addition to the 3.2 gal) available, 16" diameter x 23" tall, 24 lbs empty
  • Amtrol 20 gal tank (in addition to the 3.2 gal) available, 22" diameter x 30" tall, 61 lbs empty
  • Amtrol 44 gal tank (in addition to the 3.2 gal) available, 26" diameter x 48" tall, 123 lbs empty
  • Chrome faucet standard, extra for designer colors, almond, black, gray, red, white, or stainless
  • UV stage add-on available, 120V/50-60Hz, 200-220V/50-60Hz, easily added at home
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    Hydrotech-Canature Quick-Change RO, 4 stage undersink - brand new introduction!
    Hydrotech Quick-Change RO

    Latest innovation, cartridge change is tilt up and twist out
  • Current price $636 plus freight for 50 GPD (gallong per day) unit
  • Streamlined space age look, RO unit 14-1/2" wide, 4-1/2" deep, 13-1/2" high
  • 3.2 gallon capacity tank 11" diameter x 14" tall, 2.6 gal effective draw
  • Well water or chlorinated city water, no electricity required
  • Water Quality Association Gold Seal ?ENSF/ANSI 58 Certified
  • Sediment, block pre-carbon, TFC RO membrane, granular powder post carbon
  • You can tee off to multiple faucets, ice maker, water chiller
  • Water intake and waste 1/4" tubing, pure water delivery to faucet 3/8"
  • We offer free post-sale support, additional material, live phone assistance
  • Replace sediment and pre-carbon every 1-2 years, membrane and post carbon
    often last 3-5 years
  • Available options - please call us toll free 888-928-3794 within US, 978-456-8372 from outside US

  • Amtrol 14 gal tank (in addition to the 3.2 gal) available, 16" diameter x 23" tall, 24 lbs empty
  • Amtrol 20 gal tank (in addition to the 3.2 gal) available, 22" diameter x 30" tall, 61 lbs empty
  • Amtrol 44 gal tank (in addition to the 3.2 gal) available, 26" diameter x 48" tall, 123 lbs empty
  • Chrome faucet standard, extra for designer colors, almond, black, gray, red, white, or stainless
  • UV stage add-on available, 120V/50-60Hz, 200-220V/50-60Hz, easily added at home
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    Hydrotech-Canature QC-RO, 4 stage undersink with booster pump - for less than 40 psi source water

    Culligan QC 4-stage RO

    Kemflo booster pump kit

    Integration of Kemflo booster pump to QC-RO is literally a snap!
  • Consists of pump, tank pressure switch and 120 volts 50/60 hz transformer
  • Pump adds pressure to supply water, tank switch shuts it off when tank is full
  • Anyone can assemble, tubing and coupling supplied, pump can be anywhere near or far
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    Countertop Filters
    Small, convenient, effective, you might even travel with it if you are handy

    Diverter valve

    Countertop RO - 3 stage tankless reverse osmosis filter

    Benefits of countertop RO
  • Compact cylindrical package of 5" base, 5" height, 14" long, 7 lbs, no storage tank
  • Works with either chlorinated city water or well water, stainless diverter valve inlet
  • Equivalent quality RO water to models with storage tank described above
  • Stainless diverter valve lets you connect to faucets
  • Stainless diverter valve

    Countertop - 3 stage RO

  • RO water production rate of 50 gallons per day, or 2 gallons per hour
  • 10" pre-carbon, 50 GPD TFC RO membrane, capillary, 10" post-carbon
  • UV addition - 120V/50-60Hz described below is possible
  • Please contact us at 1-888-928-3794 or sales@purewaterexpress.com for prices

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    RO Drinking Water System Specifications
    Table for impurity rejection ratio

    Storage tank capacity
    3.2 gallons for Conqueror/Gladiator, different size tanks also available
    1.0 gallon for Countertop 465
    14" w, 7" d, 17" h for Conq./Glad. main unit, 12" diam and 14" h for tank
    11" w, 9" d, 15" h for Countertop 465
    Feed water pressure
    40-100 psi for Conquerors/countertops without pump
    5-100 psi for Gladiator/countertops with pump
       Feed water temperature   
    40-80F or 4-25C
    Feed water pH range
    3 minimum, 9 maximum
    Total dissolved solids
    Maximum 1,200 p.p.m.
    RO water recovery
    20-25%, excellent membrane protection
    Rejection ratio
    Click for details
    5 micron sediment and/or activated carbon block, 10" long
    5 micron granular activated carbon, 10" long
    In-line filter
    5 micron granular activated carbon, 10" long
    RO membrane
       CTA (cellulose tri-acetate) for chlorinated water   
    TFC (thin film composite) for well water
    Daily RO water
    production capacity
    5-7 gal/day min., 20 gpd max. for CTA RO
    10 gal/day min., 100 gpd max. for TFC RO


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