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Crystal Pure Water Co. P.O. Box 47, Harvard, MA 01451
Founded in 1984, same location since
Tel: 978-456-8372 (we speak English and Japanese)

How To Order
No hype, only facts, 40 years experience - last update on 1/31/24

Product details are listed at PureWaterExpress.com. Only the latest-technology top name brand units that have been field-tested to be high performance, rugged, durable, trouble-free and cost effective. Factory direct delivery.

Call us at 978-456-8372, or e-mail us at sales@purewaterexpress.com. We cordially assist in matching your requirements with the right set of equipment. Over-designing may be wasteful, and under-designing is catastrophic!

We can also supply replacement parts for most make/model water purification equipment. We ship worldwide.

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