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Home water filter, reverse osmosis filter, whole house water filter
PureWaterExpress.com (we speak English and Japanese)
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About Us

Sato and Alice Iwasa co-founded PureWaterExpress.com, a company dedicated to supplying your home the purest water at an affordable price. It has been selling RO and other water purification systems since 1984. The company is built on a philosophy of serving one customer at a time and a belief that a truly satisfied customer will stay for life.

Once you buy from Crystal Pure, for instance, you can just relax and enjoy the benefits of ownership. The company will contact you for timely checks and economical maintenance steps for the life of the unit. That's why 23 year old RO systems are still performing flawlessly today and the customers very pleased. Now that's something you can sit up and take notice.

Alice has a BA from Boston University and an MS in Training and Development from Lesley College. She has been in the holistic health field for over 20 years. She founded Mother Earth Natural Foods in Lexington, MA in 1971 and ran it until she sold it in 1979. She is a Certified Polarity Therapist and a Clearing Consultant and has helped hundreds of clients to attain better health and reach optimal human potential.

Sato was born in Japan. Having received his BS and MS in Electronic Sciences from Tohoku University in Sendai, he came to the US as a Fulbright Fellow. He has a PhD in solid state physics from the University of Pennsylvania. The two met in 1967 while Sato was teaching at the Physics Department of MIT, and have been married since 1969.

What does this all mean to you? It means that when you deal with PureWaterExpress.com, your peace of mind is assured for the life of the equipment. You can depend on the quality and stability of the services. The company has built its businesses steadily over decades, satisfying one client at a time. That is why there are hundreds of customers who would happily volunteer to be the reference. You only have to ask to talk with any of them.

Alice and Sato Iwasa

Satisfied customers

Prof. and Mrs. Szucs
We would like to thank you for selling us your RO filter. What a difference it has made to us! We always used to wonder what kinds of low level toxic agents we (two adults and three teen-age children) were drinking in our tap water in Galveston. It often was discolored and had an "off" taste.

To avoid this we bought several gallons of bottled water or flavored soda water each week at considerable effort and expense. The system saves us time and money, and gives us great peace of mind. We are absolutely delighted with the clean clear taste of the water, and the way it enhances coffee, juice, and cooking.

Not only are we pleased by the great taste of the water, we are truly impressed by your service, which has always been very quick and friendly. You were there for us by phone as we installed the system ourselves, and our filter replacements have been sent promptly. Thank you again for helping us have decent drinking water so easily.
Joe and Sylvia Szucs, Professor and Research Associate, respectively, Texas A&M (installed in 1994)

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