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Best Home Water Filters!

Whole House Water Filters & Home Water Filters
Reverse Osmosis Filters, And More!

Lead a cleaner, healthier, richer life
with whole house home water filters

Clean, safe water from every tap, baths and showers
Chlorine, smell, bacteria, viruses and such filtered

1) Deluxe backwash carbon
Clean your home's water with the best home water filters

$2,918 plus freight
2) Big Blue 20"
Clean whole house water with point of entry home water filters

$1,861 plus freight
3) Slimline 20"
Clean whole house water with point of entry home water filters

$1,399 plus freight

What's in municipal water these days US WQA article
Alice's blog on water topics CrystalPureWater.Wordpress.Com

What can you expect from PureWaterExpress.com?

  • The finest and latest technology products in water treatment
  • You get only facts/data without hype
  • Top name-brand make/model unit, factory-direct delivery at affordable price
  • Buy from us, we help you maintain water quality for the life of the unit
  • -- Building a new home? Treat the entire home water - point of entry filter
    -- Remodeling your kitchen? Drink crystal clean, delicious water - reverse osmosis filter

    Have peace of mind! - clean, safe, delicious water from every tap
    Take chlorine-free, odorless, and clean showers and baths!

    BigBlue 20"
    Best home water filter removes dirt and chlorine

    $576 plus freight
    It is common knowledge that city tap water is not always clean or safe to drink. Strapped for funds, municipal processing plants rely on chlorine, chloramine and other inexpensive chemicals. Individual well water can be excessively acidic, hard, or contain iron, manganese, lead, arsenic, radon and such.

    It is your responsibility to treat bad water either at the point of entry or at point of use to protect your health. This is where our best home water filters come in. We have been at this since 1984.

    You can discuss your water, filtration needs, budget for free. We cordially point out latest technology, best home water filters that are rugged, trouble-free and economical. No obligation to buy from us.

    Clean shower makes your day

    Read on and you will see why reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water filter makes total sense!

    Quick Change 4-stage RO
    Top of the line 5 stage purification water filter, removes arsenic

    $636 plus freight
    Pure water faucet
    high speed delivery
    Reverse osmosis filter is the ideal pure water filter
    Absolutely clean, pure
    and delicious water
    RO water purifier makes clean, delicious and convenient water 24 hours a day, takes out arsenic
    5-stage standard RO
    5 stage RO, auto fill/shutoff, deluxe pure water filter

    $399 plus freight

    Reference on reverse osmosis filter - from HowStuffWorks

    Reverse Osmosis (RO) removes substantial amounts of most foreign substance in water while leaving in vital oxygen. Typical system consists of the following complnents. A mechanical filter (#1) removes dirt, sediment, particles, that would otherwise clog the membrane. Then, activated carbon pre-filter (#2) removes chlorine and organic contaminants. RO membrane (#3) is next. Pressurized pure water storage container (#4) holds RO-filtered water. Activated carbon post filter (#5) helps RO water taste natural and delicious. Pure water faucet (#6) dispenses the processed pure water. You can also tee off to refrigerator water chiller and ice maker

    Technological advances have made today's RO simple to install, convenient to use, dependable, and most importantly, economical.

    You will be astonished, just imagine how delicious coffee, tea, or just water itself will tastes!  On top of that, water purified by reverse osmosis filter costs less per gallon than bottled or distilled water.

    Worry-free maintenance! No hassles, no headaches!
    Complete post-sale customer support for the life of the unit!

    Best home water filters or best drinking water filters are a goldmine. Clean safe water is essential for your health, is expensive today, even more so tomorrow. That's where our best-in-the-industry customer service comes in.

    Buy our whole house home water filters, and receive installation support (diagrams & live telephone calls). Timely, periodic maintenance reminders for the life of the unit. Just relax, enjoy crystal clean water - have peace of mind!.

    We carry only the best makes and models that have exhibited excellent value over a long haul. That is why our prices are not necessarily the lowest around. With our whole house home water filters, you are assured of trouble free operation and peace of mind for years to come.

    We sell parts and help service other make/model water purifierWe sell parts and help service other make/model pure water filterWe sell parts and help service other make/model home water filter Want our help servicing your water filters? Contact us and you will be served in the same professional, cordial manner -- even if it's a different make/model you purchased from someone else.  You will be shown how best to resurrect equipment, left stagnant, be it whole house water filter or drinking water filter.

    "Replies come back immediately, many thanks, you have been great. Pure Water Express
    is our choice for any additional water filters."   Curtin Family,  N.J.    May 16, 2002

    Why buy from Pure Water Express?
    Because our customer service is the best, bar none in the industry!

  • Free and cordial consultation for economical, rugged, long lasting filter(s) based on 39 years of experience
  • Free post sale support, during installation, maintenance, trouble-shooting for the life of the unit
  • Reverse osmosis filter, whole house filter, competitive prices
  • Whole house RO system, commercial & industrial RO, complete water store equipment
  • Portable RO system, ultraviolet (UV) or ozone seawater desalination
  • We assist in conducting water analysis and interpretation
  • Residential, commercial and industrial water treatment business since 1984
  • Dr. Iwasa and wife Alice

    About us

    Here's a message from one of our thousands of satisfied customers!

    Our happy customers, one of hundreds
    "When we moved into our new home, we noticed our well water tasted "funny". Within weeks we realized water was just plain nasty, even making lemonade or tea could not disguise taste - we just couldn't drink it. Fortunately we found out about PureWaterExpress.com and its reverse osmosis drinking water filter and had it installed right away. The contrast was amazing - the water tasted incredibly clean and delicious. That was eighteen years ago. The system still works perfectly, the water tastes just as delicious as day one - plain or flavored. It's a MUST, reverse osmosis filter is not luxury."
                      Pam and Tim Hodge, MA (RO system installed 1992)

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