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Five stage undersink RO
Pure water faucet
Undersink RO installation
John Guest quick connector
Whole house filter diagrams
Whole house filter installation
Backwash type house filter

Saltless conditioner
Reverse flow acid neutralizer
Whole house RO setup

Challenger Conqueror III  - five stage undersink RO filter


FSHS Champion 5  - five stage undersink RO filter


Long Reach Faucet:  - installation detail


RO installation miscellaneous   - call 888-928-3794 for questions

Porcelain sink

Porcelain sink is composed of cast iron body and a coat of porcelain. You need drill bits for cast iron and plenty of cutting oil (machine shop item). Use a carborandum ball (~1" diameter on 1/4" shaft, say) and expose the cast iron base at the location where you aim to install the faucet.

It goes without saying that you site this hole very carefully, avoiding, for instance, the ridges underneath in the cast iron sink body. You have to be able to tighten a hex nut from below and you need room.

Start with a small diameter drill bit such as 1/8" and make a hole with the aid of cutting oil. Make sure it's in the right place. Use successively larger diameter drill bits with plenty of cutting oil, until the hole size is 7/16" inch. Use the carborandum ball to clean off any burr. Call 888-928-3794 if you need further details.     Back to faucet installation                    Top  

Drain coupler
waste water into drain pipe
Source water intake style #1
special pair connectors, we sell them

Source water intake style #2
Soldered multi-turn shutoff valve
Source water intake style #3
Quick saddle valve connection

Countertop and portable diagrams: -   manual fill/shutoff

Four stage countertop RO              

Three stage Deluxe Traveler              


John Guest Quick Coupler  - push in the collet to release


Whole house filter diagrams  - deluxe, standard or economy

Deluxe clean-safe wholehouse filters              

Note: Include a quick-disconnect coupler below the sediment filter
you need it when you take the unit apart, exchange screens or wash it

Standard or economy clean-safe wholehouse combination filters              

Note: Different pressure readings from the two dial gauges indicate a blocked cartridge

Whole house filter installation  

Backwash carbon assembly - Keep the 1" plastic riser tube centered around the tank opening, pour gravel and media (but not into the riser tube), then screw on Fleck valve with grease on O-rings, both outside and inside

Hydroteck UVBB-1 sterilizer assembly - Easy to break the quartz sleeve: use grease on pairs of O-rings, both outside and inside, rotate the sleeve as you gently push it in


Wholehouse Backwash-type Filter  - a sediment pre-filter recommended in front

Point of entry backwash-type wholehouse filter installation diagram


Saltless Water Softener/Conditioner  - treats hard water without salt

Saltless softener conditioner diagram: water goes down the riser, comes up through the media


Reverse Flow Acid Neutralizer  - works like a champ

Reverse flow acid neutralizer diagram: water goes down the riser, comes up through the media


Whole house RO setup
Not that complicated or difficult to install

  • Water analysis will determine whether pretreatment is necessary between the spindown and RO stages
  • A softener is shown here for treating hard water for example
  • A carbon pre-filter is needed for chlorinated source water
  • Tank UV sterilization loop with pump 2 for tropical climate       Top  

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